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A. Whenever the city council passes an ordinance ordering any improvement, and such improvement is to be paid for in whole or in part by special assessment upon the property specially benefited, the city clerk-treasurer shall forthwith record in a book to be kept for that purpose the petition presented by the property owners to the city council, together with all endorsements and other entries contained thereon and the names in full of all the petitioners; the book shall be endorsed “Record of Petitions for Local Improvements,” and shall be properly indexed so as to indicate the pages on which the petition for each improvement can be found and shall remain in the office of the city clerk-treasurer.

B. If any such petition for any improvement is lost, destroyed, concealed, mislaid or for any reason is not in the proper place in the city clerk-treasurer’s office, the record of such petition in the book designated in subsection A of this section, or a copy thereof certified by the city clerk-treasurer, shall be received and treated for all purposes as of equal force and effect as the original petition. (Ord. 1337, §4, 1980).