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Falcon Telecable is granted a franchise to operate and maintain cable television throughout the incorporated City of Kettle Falls, Washington.

A. The right and privileges hereunder granted shall not be deemed exclusive, and the right is hereby reserved to the City to grant to any other person, company, corporation or association or by itself to exercise rights and privileges similar to those herein granted.

B. Falcon Telecable shall operate this franchise in conformance with Ordinance 1456, A Cable Television Franchise Policy for the City of Kettle Falls.

C. The franchise herein granted shall cease and terminate at 12:00 midnight, November 20, 2009 and within ninety (90) days thereinafter the Grantee shall, at its own cost and expense, remove all construction and installations hereby authorized from the city streets and the City of Kettle Falls unless the City Council deems it advisable to renew or extend this franchise. (Ord. 1457, 1989).