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A. The boundaries of the various districts shown on the official zoning map are, unless otherwise indicated, streets, alleys, or lot lines as shown on the map.

B. Where the actual street layout on the ground varies from that shown on the zoning maps, the designations shown on the maps shall be applied by the Planning Commission to the street as actually laid out so as to carry out the intent and purpose of the zoning plan for that district.

C. Where a district boundary line, as shown on the zoning map, divides a lot in a single ownership at the time of passage of the ordinance codified in this title, the use permitted on the least restrictive portion of the lot may extend to the portion lying, in the more restrictive district a distance of not more than fifty (50) feet beyond the district boundary line.

D. Where the application of the above does not clarify the zone boundary location, the Planning Commission shall interpret the map and by written decision determine the location of the zone boundary. A copy of the written decision shall be kept on file by the City.