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Lein Procedures. All charges for services to be rendered herein shall be payable to the City Treasurer, if not paid on or before ten days of the date of the bill, the charge shall be delinquent. Upon failure to pay the charge and upon delinquency, the amount thereof shall become a lien against the premises from which the garbage and refuse collection services shall have been rendered. Liens shall be made effective by filing a notice thereof, specifying the charges, the period covered by the charges, and giving a legal description of the premises at which the service was rendered. The lien shall be filed with the same official and within the same time, and be foreclosed within the time and in the manner prescribed by law for the filing of a foreclosing of liens for labor and material. Such liens shall be prior to any and all other liens and encumbrances filed subsequent to the filing of such liens, but shall be subsequent to all general taxes and local improvement assessments, whether levied prior to subsequent thereto, as authorized by R.C.W. 35.21.150. (Ord. 1310, §8, 1979).