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It shall be unlawful for any person to keep, stable, feed, pasture, suffer, permit or run at large, or otherwise maintain any cow, horse, burro, mule, jackass, goat, sheep, swine, rabbit, chicken, duck, goose, fowl, or any and all other animals under any conditions within the city of Kettle Falls with the following exceptions:

A. Any of said animals or fowl may be transported through the said city in one continuous trip.

B. Any horse, mule, burro, or jackass may be worked or used temporarily in said city.

C. Said animals and fowl shall not include animals and fowl killed, processed and prepared for consumption and not constituting a nuisance under provisions of Ordinance 1163.

D. Domesticated dogs, cats and pot bellied pigs, which are not of the general classification of Ferae Naturae, which shall be subject to other applicable ordinances.

E. The keeping of chickens or rabbits with a permit and under the conditions set forth in KFMC 17.03.120 through 17.03.129 is allowed. (Ord. 1432, 1986; Ord. 1503, 1993; Ord. 1770, §1, 2018).