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1. Approval Required. Unless the requirements of this title are met, the city shall not grant any approval or permission to alter the condition of any land, water, or vegetation, or to construct or alter any structure or improvement regulated through the following: building permit, commercial or residential; binding site plan; site development permit; subdivision; use permit; or any subsequently adopted permit or required approval not expressly exempted by this title.

2. Allowed Uses. The city may allow the following uses on critical areas and within buffer areas subject to the review and mitigation requirements of this chapter:

a. Pervious trails for non-motorized uses;

b. Below, or above ground public utilities, facilities and improvements, initiated by the city, where necessary to serve development consistent with the Comprehensive Plan, including: streets, roads, highways, sidewalks, street and road lighting systems, traffic signals, domestic water systems, storm and sanitary sewer systems, open space, and parks and recreational facilities, anticipated in the capital facilities plan, where there is no other reasonable alternative, based on topographic and environmental conditions;

c. Water-dependent uses;

d. Removal of diseased or dangerous trees, or the removal of invasive or nuisance plants;

e. Construction, replacement, or alteration of a single-family dwelling unit in a residential zoning district on a legal lot of record, created prior to the effective date of this chapter so long as the replacement or expansion conforms to the height regulations, lot coverage and dimension standards and other design provisions for the zone in which the residence is located. The dwelling unit shall be used solely for single-family purposes. Approval is subject to a review process. The city may modify underlying zoning district dimensional standards applicable by up to a 50 percent adjustment, if necessary to protect critical areas;

f. Existing agricultural practices on lands used continuously for agricultural purposes since October 1997 (adoption of the Comprehensive Plan);

3. Limited Uses. Limited uses shall avoid critical areas, and where allowed within buffer areas shall be subject to the mitigation measures and implementation of a monitoring plan. All limited uses shall be consistent with the provisions of this title and SEPA. Limited uses include:

a. Subdivision or Short Plat. The subdivision or short plat process may be used when there are provisions (e.g., dedication of land/or conservation easements) that prohibit building construction on critical areas.

b. Development Subject to Site Plan Review. Any new building or structure affecting critical areas shall be subject to site plan review, unless otherwise exempted in this title.