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A. No person may occupy, or allow or suffer another person to occupy, a mobile home before the installation of the mobile home has been inspected and approved.

B. The installer shall request an inspection after all aspects of the installation, other than installation of the foundation fascia, have been completed as specified in Section 305 of the Uniform Building Code.

C. The building official shall approve the installation of a mobile home and allow the mobile home to be occupied if the installation complies with the installation requirements of this ordinance and the conditions of the installation permit.

D. If the installation does not comply with the installation requirements of this chapter and the conditions of the installation permit, the building inspector shall provide the installer with a list of corrections that the installer must make. The list of corrections shall state a date by which the corrections must be complete. The building inspector shall reinspect the installation after the corrections are completed.

If the items that require correction do not endanger the health or safety of the occupants, or substantially affect the habitability of the mobile home the building official may permit the owner of the mobile home to occupy it.